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Write the name of a different animal on each face of your dice was a studio task featured on Series 16 of Taskmaster, as the fifth task in Dynamite chicks. The task was won by Sam Campbell.


Location Pinewood Studios
Equipment Dice, pens
Timing 100 seconds to write the animal names
Measurement Last contestant standing


The contestants had to write the name of a different animal on each face of their dice. Each round, the contestants had to roll their dice to decide their competing animal in a category read out by Greg. The animal that fit the category the most was eliminated for that round. The categories were as follows:

  • Most boring animal is eliminated
  • Most dangerous animal is eliminated
  • Worst pet is eliminated
  • Worst Greg's lookalike animal is eliminated


Julian Clary: Julian wrote Mouse, Pig, Elephant, Cow, Horse, and ?. Julian was eliminated first as Greg stated Mouse was more boring than Lucy's Mice and Susan's Dog. He received 1 point.

Lucy Beaumont: Lucy wrote Mice, Shitzu dog, Duck-billed Platypus, Carp, Cat, and ?. Lucy was eliminated fourth as Greg stated a Platypus was less like Greg than Sam's Human. She received 4 points.

Sam Campbell: Sam wrote Mammoth, Stick Insect, Pig, Eel, Ant, and Human. He was the last person standing, receiving 5 points.

Sue Perkins: Sue wrote Elephant, Blue Whale, Giant Squid, Sea Cucumber, Panther, and Mammoth. Sue was eliminated third as Greg stated Giant Squid made a worse pet than Lucy's Platypus and Sam's Stick Insect. She received 3 points.

Susan Wokoma: Susan wrote Dog, Snake, Monkey, Cat, Puma, and Ant. Susan was eliminated second as Greg stated Snake was more dangerous than Sam's Mammoth, receiving 2 points.