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Sarah Kendall is is an Australian comedian. She has regularly performed solo shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival, won the Raw Comedy competition in 1998 and was nominated for the Perrier award in 2004. She also starred in E4 sketch comedy series Beehive, and created, wrote and starred in ABC TV/Sky One comedy drama Frayed.

In 2021, Kendall appeared as a contestant on Series 11 of Taskmaster, winning with 158 points. She was the guest on episodes 28 and 33 of Taskmaster The Podcast.


Task Description Sarah Kendall
Episode 1: It's not your fault. (18 March 2021)
1 Prize: Best thing you can carry, but only just. 3
2 Do the most impressive thing under the table with one hand. You must wave with your other hand and look at the camera throughout. 4
3 Catch the rat in the most ingenious way. You must be at least 3 metres from the rat when you catch it. The rat will run across the red green in 30 minutes. 3[1]
4 Deliver all the plates to Alex. You may only travel by scooter, bicycle or hoverboard when transporting plates. Every plate you drop will add 20 minutes to your time. 4[1]
5 Live: Stack your buckets so that they are taller than you, then put one beanbag on top and your hands on your hips. Your stack must stand for two seconds, and you may not leave your spot. 5
Total 18[1]
Episode 2: The Lure of the Treacle Puppies. (25 March 2021)
1 Prize: Best drinking vessel. 3
2 Make the balloon hover untethered for 20 seconds. During the hovering, the top of the balloon must not be higher than your chin, and the bottom of the top of the balloon must not be lower than your waist. You must sneer throughout the 20 seconds. 3
3 Team: Have the longest argument. You must take it in turns to make a point using no more than 10 words, ending with a unique 4-letter word. You must look at each other throughout and the person speaking must angrily wag their finger during their speech. The argument is over when there is a 10-second silence or one of you looks away. 2
4 Make the house haunted. 5
5 Live: Guess your standing in the group. The Taskmaster will read out a category, then you must hold up the number that reflects your position in that category. 4
Total 17
Episode 3: Run up a tree to the moon. (1 April 2021)
1 Prize: Most shocking thing bigger than a cat, but smaller than a pig. 3
2 Make the sauna stones hiss. You must be standing behind the rope when the stones hiss. You may not move the stones or the rope. You may not use a hose. 5
3 Create the best new way to remember how many days each month has. 5
4 Get all of your luggage through security. You must stay inside the maze until your luggage has been through the x-ray machine. You may go under one rope, and release one rope. You may also disconnect one pole completely, but you must then pick up that pole and carry it for the rest of the task. If any of your luggage touches any of the barriers, the maze will restart and you must start again. 4
5 Team Live: Act out the nursery rhymes for the Taskmaster to guess. 3
Total 20
Episode 4: Premature conker. (8 April 2021)
1 Prize: Craziest thing. 5
2 Get all of the banana in the bottle. You may not break the bottle. The bottle may not leave the lab. 5
3 Team: Put the bag of salt onto that table. No-one may move while holding the bag of salt. If the bag of salt touches the ground at any point, you must return to your starting point. If any bell touches the ground at any point, you must return to your starting point. You may not touch the rope or your belts. 5
4 Get this sheet of loo roll as far from here as possible. The loo roll must not break, and only this sheet may touch the ground. The loo roll tube must stay on the loo roll holder. 4
5 Live: Write down what five things are in the bowl under the table and how many of each thing there are. You must look at the Taskmaster throughout. One of your hands must be in the bowl, and the other must be holding your pen throughout. 4
Total 23
Episode 5: Slap and tong. (15 April 2021)
1 Prize: Best thing you can operate with your hand. 2
2a Cover your lower half in biodegradable cling film and gaffer tape so that no part of your lower half isn't covered in biodegradable cling film and gaffer tape. 0
2b Put on the captain's hat. Your lower half must be completely covered in biodegradable cling film and gaffer tape when you're wearing the captain's hat. 4
3 Make the best uniform for this bee. You must wear your beekeeping outfit at all times. You have five minutes to order five items. 2
4 Arrange the seven objects in order of how many sides they have. You may only touch the objects with your face. If anything falls off the table, you are disqualified. You must put on your darkness goggles now. DQ
5 Team Live: Grab the marshmallow with your tongs. When the Taskmaster says, you have 10 seconds to grab the marshmallow. Once your tongs are over the table, you must attempt to grab the marshmallow. A member of the other team will attempt to bat away the marshmallow. When the Taskmaster says, they will have 10 seconds to bat away the marshmallow. Their hands may not be over the table until your tongs are over the table. If their hand is over the table first, they are disqualified from the round. 4
Total 12
Episode 6: Absolute casserole. (22 April 2021)
1 Prize: Most annoying thing. 4
Special: Fart.
2 Make the best portrait of the Taskmaster on this door using only your feet. 4
3 Team: Vandalise this wall in the most creative way. 1
4 Identify the contents of all the battered items. You may lick and sniff all the items. You may bite into two, squeeze one with your elbows, really stamp on one, look at one through a magnifying glass, and put one in a glass of water. 4
5 Live: Tie the very ends of the string to the arms of the glasses and then put the glasses on. 3
Tiebreak: Fire the most rubber bands into Alex's bum bag.
Total 16
Episode 7: You've got no chutzpah. (29 April 2021)
1 Prize: Best thing to hang on a wall that you wouldn't normally hang on a wall. 4
2 Complete the most tasks:
Attack the biscuit
Chuck the dog
Embrace the fish
Grab the hat
Inspect the jacket
Kick the lemon
Mash the nectarine
Open the plum
Quaff the Ribena
Sniff the turnip
Undermine the vole
Whack the xylophone
Yank the zebra
3 Make the best babushka meal. Each course must be presented inside the previous course. 4
4 Team: Get out of the front gate setting the alarm off the fewest times. If the alarm goes off, you must start again. You may only step on your stepping stones. 0
5 Live: Make your rubber gloves and wellies as heavy as possible while wearing your rubber gloves and wellies. You may only put things in your rubber gloves in the first minute. 3
Total 12
Episode 8: An orderly species. (6 May 2021)
1 Prize: Most satisfying wobbly thing. 3
2 Blow up and tie the balloon so that it's bigger than your head, neatly gift wrap the balloon and eat three whole poppadoms. You must also say the word "metronome" between each tick of the metronome. You may not touch or stop the metronome. 1
3 Team: Draw the best picture of a British animal. Each person must fill in one section at a time and may not look at any other section during that time. Every section must be used and you may not communicate with each other in any way during the task. 2
4 Record the greatest aircraft safety announcement and perform the greatest safety demonstration. Your safety announcement must be in an accent or language other than your own and your demonstration must be unforgettable. 3
5 Live: Stand on either one leg or both legs behind the curtain with your hands on your head. The Taskmaster will then guess how many legs you are standing on. 3
Total 12
Episode 9: Mr Octopus and Pottyhands. (13 May 2021)
1 Prize: Nattiest knitwear. 2
2 Make the most impressive and realistic weather for Taskmaster Island. Your weather must last for no more than a minute. 3
3 Build and then topple a tower so the yoghurt lands in a square with the highest score. You have one yoghurt and one toppling attempt. 4
4 Look the most different in four photos taken by the camera. The camera will spin round three times and take a picture every time it faces the frame. You must not hinder the camera or the spinning mechanism in any way. You must be in all four photos. 3
5 Live: Shove your fish onto the target using your mop. You must shove your fish within 10 seconds of it being placed down. Furthest from the target 10 seconds after the round is eliminated. 4
Total 16
Episode 10: Activate Jamali. (20 May 2021)
1 Prize: Thing that makes you look the toughest. 1
2 Make the best picture of a big, scary dinosaur using this photocopier. You may not leave the garage. 5
3 Scientifically work out how much Alex's feet and head weigh. You may not use the internet. 3
4 Team: Direct a teammate into the red circle. You must stay on your chair at all times. You may only issue one instruction of three words every 30 seconds. 2
5 Live: Keeping your head still at all times, correctly don your special outfit. For every second your face is out of frame, ten seconds will be added to your time. Put your hands in the air when you are correctly dressed. 1
Total 12
Grand Total 158


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 While Mike is said to be awarded 3 points for task 3 and 3 points for task 4 while Sarah is said to be awarded 3 points for task 3 and 4 points for task 4 in It's Not Your Fault, the scoreboard after the fourth task shows Mike having moved up 7 points for the previous 2 tasks and Sarah moving up by 6 points. No scoreboard was shown after task 3, so it is unclear during which task this clerical error occurred. The scores for the episode and total points for the series both reflect this unexplained change to the points.


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