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Recreate a well-known piece of art on these memo squares was a task featured on Series 16 of Taskmaster, as the fourth task in Dynamite chicks. The task was won by Sam Campbell and Sue Perkins.


Location Taskmaster House
Equipment 100 Memo squares, pens, boxes
Timing 20 minutes
Measurement Best memo square art


The task was presented on the table. The contestants had to recreate a well-known piece of art using all 100 memo squares. Each square had to be drawn one at a time and then stored in a new memo box. After the task was complete, the contestants' memo squares were rearranged in a 10x10 square.


Julian Clary: Julian employed Alex to help him draw circles on each memo square while chatting about birdwatching together. He efficiently recreated Damian Hirst’s Spots. He received 3 points.

Lucy Beaumont: Lucy recreated what she claimed to be Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, but didn't make a plan and got poppies and sunflowers confused. As her art didn't resemble anything, she received 1 point.

Sam Campbell: Sam recreated a recognisable picture of Edvard Munch’s Scream. He received 5 points.

Sue Perkins: Sue recreated a recognisable picture of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa with sausage fingers. She received 5 points.

Susan Wokoma: Susan spent 4 minutes to drew one square of Mark Rothko’s Red, with her red pen running out by the end of the task. She received 3 points.



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