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Mel Giedroyc is an English television presenter and actress. With Sue Perkins, she has co-hosted series including Light LunchThe Great British Bake Off and chat show Mel & Sue. She has also appeared on Have I Got News for You and hosts Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable on Dave.

In 2017, Giedroyc appeared in Series 4 of Taskmaster, finishing third with 134 points.


Task Description Mel Giedroyc
Episode 1: A fat bald white man. (25 April 2017)
1 Prize: Most unusual autograph on the most unusual vegetable. 4
2 Beautifully destroy a cake. 3
3 Draw a caricature of a person that you can't see. 2
Bonus: Find out the person's full name. 1
4 Knock all the rubber ducks onto the ground. 1
5 Live: Make the most juice using certain items and fruit. 5
Total 16
Episode 2: Look at me. (2 May 2017)
1 Prize: Most boastful item. 3
2 Keep a basketball on a running machine for as long as possible. 3
3 Paint the best picture of the Taskmaster without touching the red mat. 3
4 Team: Put as much flour on a target without leaving the bandstand. 5
5 Move an egg into an eggcup, without touching the two. 1
6 Live: Make the biggest balloon chain whilst keeping eye contact with the Taskmaster. 5
Total 20
Episode 3: Hollowing out a baguette. (9 May 2017)
1 Prize: Best membership/subscription. 2
2 Camouflage and hide yourself within a scene. 1
3 Team: Make a trailer for 'Taskmaster: The Movie'. 3
4 Persuade three dogs to stand on the red mat. 1
5 Transfer water between two fishbowls using only the supplied items. 1
Bonus: If you eat the chocolate, you'll lose five points. –5
6 Live: Take it in turns to say a word of a certain length of letters whenever the music stops. 0
Total 3
Episode 4: Friendship is truth. (16 May 2017)
1 Prize: Most surprising picture of themselves. 3
2 Make the highest splash. 4
Bonus: Correctly guess which of the contestants will win the task. 0
3 Do a dance with Alex using a choice of ringtones. 5
4 Make the best portrait of a celebrity using only toilet rolls. 2
5 Do the most brilliant thing with a pommel horse. 5
6 Live: Make the tallest tube tower. 5
Total 24
Episode 5: Meat. (23 May 2017)
1 Prize: Cutest thing. 2
2 Slide the furthest within one attempt. 5
3 Maintaining constant eye-contact and continuous small talk with Fred the Swede (via webcam), put on a wetsuit, flippers, face mask and snorkel. 2
Bonus: Whoever puts the wetsuit on best. 0
Bonus: Best small talk. 0
4 Team: One member must put as many different things as possible into a bathtub, another member to seal the top of the bathtub with clingfilm, and another member (if applicable) to fill the bathtub with water. 5
5 Make the most impressive throw of something into something. 5
6 Live: Make the longest continuous noise. 2
Bonus: Best noise. 0
Tie-Break: Eat as many peas as possible in one minute.
Total 21
Episode 6: Spatchcock it. (30 May 2017)
1 Prize: Best sheep-related item. 1
2 Put a toy camel through the smallest gap. 5
3 Score a goal with a shopping bag. 4
Bonus: Best goal. 0
Special: Hide a gigantic ball from Alex. 0
Special: Fill the gigantic ball full of air. 0
Special: Deflate the gigantic ball to get it out of the house and score a goal with it in a miniature goal net. 0
4 Identify the objects hidden in a sleeping bag. 2
5a Live: Prepare the items on the table for the second part of the task. 0
5b Live: Lift up all the items on one hand and put your other hand on top of your head. 4
Total 16
Episode 7: No stars for naughty boys. (6 June 2017)
1 Prize: The best chair. 1
2 Give Alex his lunch while hopping across bunting. If you touch the ground with both feet, you must eat one sandwich. 2
3 Hide from Alex in a game of hide and seek. 4
4 Team: Navigate a wheelie bin across an obstacle course whilst blindfolded and without communicating in English. 2
5 Unveil a new handshake. 3
6 Live: Make the biggest and best all-round banana using lots of bananas. 1
Total 13
Episode 8: Tony Three Pies. (13 June 2017)
1 Prize: The most cash. 2
2 Make the most exotic sandwich. 2
3 Eat your exotic sandwich. 4
Bonus: Eat part of Alex's beard. 0
Bonus: Snort an M&M. 1
4 Strike an item the furthest, using only the supplied items with three attempts. 2
5 Do the most surprising thing with a rubber duck. 5
6 Live: Draw the median duck. 5
Bonus: Best duck. 0
Total 21
Grand Total 134


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