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Make a sausage was a task featured on Series 16 of Taskmaster, as the second task in Dynamite chicks. The task was won by Sue Perkins.


Location Taskmaster House
Equipment Blackboard with "SAUSAGE" written on it
Timing 5 minutes to order
20 minutes to create
Measurement Best sausage


The task was presented on the table with a blackboard saying the word "SAUSAGE". The contestants must had to make the best sausage using 7 ingredients starting with each letter in the word "SAUSAGE". They were not allowed to order sausage.


Julian Clary: Julian ordered: Sticky toffee, A decorative plate, Underwear (edible), Streaky bacon (vegan), Apple (grated), Granola, and Edamame nuts.

Julian created three sausages wrapped in undies that looked like sausages and tasted nice. He receiving 4 points.

Lucy Beaumont: Lucy ordered: Some carrots, Apple, Urgh bananas, Some 'more' carrots, Apple, Grape, and Egg.

Lucy made a vegan sausage that was more of a mush in the shape of a smily face. She received 3 points.

Sam Campbell: Sam ordered: Skin/artificial ham, Apple cider vinegar, Ugly raisins, Spinach, Artisinal seeds, Grains, and Eggs or 3.

Sam made a mixed sausage covered with ham skin but they tasted inedible. He received 1 point.

Sue Perkins: Sue ordered: Salmon, Anchovies, Un-alive cod, Some prawns, All the herbs, Garlic, and Eggs.

Sue made two seafood sausages with dips which were surprisingly good. She received 5 points.

Susan Wokoma: Susan asked for: Strawberries, Aubergine, Undies, Salt, Avocado, Green leaf, and Edible glitter.

Susan created a "sausage" that was just a salad served on undies. She received 2 points.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The production team couldn't get hold of edible underwear in time for Julian, so they made them out of fruit leather and strawberry laces.

Other Appearances[]

Taskmaster (NZ)[]

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A similar task was featured on Season 1 of Taskmaster NZ, as the fourth task in Astro blasters.. The contestants were also able to use a sausage machine to create a proper sausage. The task was won by Madeleine Sami.