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Greatest orange thing was a prize task featured on Season 4 of Taskmaster NZ, as the first task in A love bomb. The task was won by Ray O'Leary.


The contestants had to bring in a prize that best fit the task category of the greatest orange thing. The winner of the episode would be able to take home all of the prizes.


Bubbah: Bubbah brought in an orange. She received 4 points.

Dai Henwood: Dai brought in his orange coffee machine. He received 2 points.

Karen O'Leary: Karen brought in a model of the Ohakune Carrot. She received 1 point.

Melanie Bracewell: Melanie brought in an orange-flavoured cake shaped like an orange with a model of Jeremy on the top. She received 3 points.

Ray O'Leary: Ray brought in his spray tanned body. He received 5 points.