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Do the most unpredictable thing at the end of the 500 second timer was a task featured on Season 4 of Taskmaster NZ, as the third task in A love bomb. The task was won by Melanie Bracewell.


Location Taskmaster Ranch
Equipment 500 second timer
Timing 500 seconds
Measurement Most unpredictable thing


The task was presented on a plinth next to a projected timer. The contestants had to do the most unpredictable thing at the end of the 500 seconds. Behind the projector tarp was a list of Paul's predictions:

  • Attack Paul
  • Take Your Clothes Off
  • Silly Dance
  • Loud And/Or Aggressive Noises
  • Costume Change
  • Break Wind


Bubbah: Bubbah waited until the end of the timer before rugby tackling Paul to the floor. She received 3 points.

Dai Henwood: Dai stuffed "dry goods" (cereals and pastas) into his shorts and released them at the end of the timer whilst dancing. He received 4 points.

Karen O'Leary: Karen ran out of the room and at the end of the timer ran back in wearing lipstick and kissed Paul. She received 2 points.

Melanie Bracewell: Melanie returned to the room during the 500 seconds dressed as a cat, playing with a ball of wool and and licking milk. She then realised she had to do something at the end of the 500 seconds so returned at the end of the timer and threw the contents of a bin over herself. She received 5 points.

Ray O'Leary: Ray blindfolded Paul and threw a bucket of water at Paul at the end of the timer. He received 1 point.


  • Paul's timer is incorrectly set to 8 minutes and 33 seconds (513 seconds) instead of the correct 8 minutes and 20 seconds. This is likely due to the misinterpretation of decimal minutes (8.3333...) by Paul's part, as there are 60 (not 100) seconds in a minute.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Bubbah referred to her attack on Paul as "A love bomb", the episode's name.