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Be British was a task featured on Season 4 of Taskmaster NZ, as the fourth task in A love bomb. The task was won by Bubbah and Ray O'Leary.


Location Taskmaster Ranch
Timing 30 minutes
Measurement Most British


The task was presented alongside a British flag in a scone. The contestants had to be the most British.


Bubbah: Bubbah made a parody of Love Island, accusing Paul of cheating on her with another girl. She received 5 points.

Dai Henwood: Dai attempted to recreate England by have tea with Paul, sitting in a bath and standing behind Paul to make a queue. He received 2 points.

Karen O'Leary: Karen pretended to be an angry football fan watching a football match, giving Paul a "Liverpool kiss" in anger. She received 3 points.

Melanie Bracewell: Melanie pretended to be a king that renamed various parts of the Taskmaster Ranch after herself whilst she "stole" props and put it in the "British Museum". She received 2 points.

Ray O'Leary: Ray made a parody of Mary Poppins called Sherry Mobbins, later Perry Moppins, where she taught Paul had to be good by feeding him spoonfuls of sugar. He received 5 points.