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Asim Chaudhry is a British comedian and actor. He is best known for his acting roles, including in BBC mockumentary series People Just Do Nothing, Dave series Hoff the Record, television film Click & Collect and interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

In 2018, Chaudhry appeared in Series 6 of Taskmaster, finishing fourth with 159 points.


Task Description Asim Chaudhry
Episode 1: The old soft curved padlock. (2 May 2018)
1 Prize: Best liquid. 1
2 Perform the best stunt, using this wheelbarrow. 1
3 Make the highest tower using only what's in the bowl. You may wield the knife a maximum of 5 times. 1
4 Wearing a hat, kiss the portrait of the Taskmaster in the Taskmaster's House. The hat must not come from the grounds of the Taskmaster's house. Closest to 30 minutes wins. 1
5 Live: Sort the objects under the table in order of size. You must keep your elbows on the table top and your head in your hands at all times. The smallest object should be on your right, the largest on your left, and they must all be in line under your table. Also, there must be no fruit in your line-up. If there is any fruit left under your table, you will be disqualified. 4
Total 8
Episode 2: Tarpeters. (9 May 2018)
1 Prize: Best hairy thing that isn't alive. 1
2 Get the highest score in darts. You can either throw one dart from 1 metre away, three darts from 2.37 metres away, or sixty darts from 10 metres away. When throwing, please stand behind whichever distance line you choose. 3
3 Team: Keep Alex dry. You may not touch Alex at any point. You may not be within the compass when the shower is on. 1
4 Take a picture of a group of people, each holding an egg. Most people holding eggs in a picture wins. You must be in your picture. 3
5 Make this wind-up little man go on the most extraordinary journey. 5
6 Live: When instructed, put your grape in either your mouth or your hand whilst staring at the Taskmaster. You must then answer the Taskmaster's questions and fool the Taskmaster into thinking your grape is not where your grape is. You must not eat your grape. Your answer must contain at least five words. If the Taskmaster correctly guesses correctly where your grape is, you are eliminated. DQ
Total 13
1 Prize: Most magnificent day trip. 2
2 Write, illustrate and read out a bedtime story for grown-ups. Your bedtime story for grown-ups may be no more or fewer than 50 words. 3
3 Make something spin for the longest. Your thing must not be a person. 4
4 Work out the flavours of these baby foods. 5
Bonus: Whoever eats the most baby food.. 1
5 Live: Catch the most socks and put them in your laundry basket. You must stare straightforward throughout the task. You must not touch any pants. You must not move your laundry basket and if you drop a sock, you can't then pick it up. Every time you touch some pants, you lose a sock. 4
Total 19
Episode 4: BMXing! (23 May 2018)
1 Prize: Most thought-provoking thing. 1
2 Do something manly with this cardboard box. 4
3 Team: Have the most fun. 3
Team: Exactly recreate your attempt at the first task. 5
4 Make the best art using the entire contents of this can of squirty cream. 1
5 Remove the £5 note from under the pint without spilling any of the pint. If you spill any of the pint, you are disqualified. 4
6 Live: When tapped on the shoulder, shake hands with the Taskmaster without revealing your identities. You may not speak during the task. Everyone must shake hands with the Taskmaster once for at least 2 seconds. If the Taskmaster guesses your identity, you are disqualified. 0
Total 18
Episode 5: H. (30 May 2018)
1 Prize: Sturdiest thing. 1
2 Without leaving the caravan, work out how long this piece of string is. 4
3 Pull this tablecloth off this table. Most eggs left unbroken on the table wins. 5
4 Team: Find the link then do it 100 times. 5
5 Pull off the most elaborate trick shot. 2
6 Live: Throw as many eggs onto the shelves as possible. You must lie flat on your bed at all times. 2
Total 19
Episode 6: We met at mealtimes. (6 June 2018)
1 Prize: Best thing that they've invented. 1
2 Make the best snow globe. 1
3 Team: Knock over as many ducks as possible. You must all remain on the red carpet throughout the task. 5
4 Make an announcement. Biggest announcement to the most people wins. 5
5 Make the best parachute for this wooden spoon. Slowest and most dramatic fall wins. 1
6 Live: You will each be given a category. You will each have 10 seconds to say things in that fall into that category. First, you must each predict how many correct answers you will give. 4
Total 17
Episode 7: Roadkill doused in syrup. (13 June 2018)
1 Prize: Scariest thing from their kitchen. 4
2 Knock the bails off the stumps. You've got a maximum of one over. You must make your attempts from behind this stump. No stumps may be moved. 0
3 Draw a picture of the contents of this box. You may not open the box or look inside. 1
Bonus: Name the person represented by the contents of the box. 0
4 Write down as many obscure animals as possible. 2
5 Wearing this sweatband around your head at all times, tuck as many items from the kitchen inside the sweatband as possible. Then make a pancake with a diameter of at least 9 inches. Then eat the whole pancake. Most kitchen items successfully kept within the sweatband wins. 3
6 Live: Get an egg as close to the centre of the target as possible. You must stand on the spot when taking your turn. You must ROLL two of the eggs. The person whose egg is furthest from the centre of the target after each round is eliminated. 5
Total 15
Episode 8: What kind of pictures? (20 June 2018)
1 Prize: Most interesting footwear. 5
2 Put something genuinely surprising inside this chocolate egg. 3
3 Find out what you have in common with this person. You must look the person in the eye throughout the task and shake hands every time you discover you have in common. 5
4 Wearing these high heels, create the best dot-to-dot picture on this canvas. 1
5 Live: Stick a plaster to the correct body part. Alex will say the names of three body parts. You must stick a plaster to the body part that comes second in the dictionary out of the three body parts. The slowest person to stick a plaster to the correct body part is eliminated. 2
Total 16
Episode 9: The Bubble Brothers. (27 June 2018)
1 Prize: Most pleasing thing the same size as a cat. 2
2 Make the biggest bubble and burst it with your nose. 3
3 Team: Perform a scene from Taskmaster The Musical. 2
S Guess the pun Tim made after creating an outfit of stationary. 0
4 Make this plastic bag as heavy as possible. 4[1]
5 Live: Pick up as many points as possible. 1
Total 12[1]
Episode 10: He was a different man. (4 July 2018)
1 Prize: Least appropriate accessary for a wedding. 5
2 Knock over the fewest skittles. You may place one item on each of the three ramp sections, or you may place two items on one of the ramp sections. Your items must be found on this table and may not include either you or the table. You may not tamper with the balls or the ramp.. 3
3 Blow the candle out from the furthest distance. You may not relight the candle. 5
4 Tell the Taskmaster you love him in the most meaningful way. 5
5 Live: Display a number. You get one rosette if your number is higher than the person's on your right and one if its lower than the person's on your left. If you display the same number as someone else, you lose them all. 4
Total 22
Grand Total 159


  1. 1.0 1.1 Whilst Alice's bag weighed 20.5kg and Asim's weighed 16kg, Asim was awarded 4 points and Alice awarded 3 points, although Alice should have been awarded 4 points and Asim 3 points.The scores for the episode and total points for the series both reflect this unexplained change to the points said to be awarded for this task.


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